The Sane Asylum #42 – 10 September 2022 – Guests: Jim Fetzer, John Kaminski, Russ Winter, Frederick C Blackburn, Dennis Cimino + Joe Olson

Giuseppe assembled perhaps the greatest 9/11 Anniversary roundtable ever! Professor Jim Fetzer, the Dean of Conspiracy Research (; John Kaminski ( renowned muckraking investigative exposure of jewish crimes against humanity and host of two weekly shows KGB: Kaminski Goes Ballistic Mondays and Thursday 5-7pm Eastern; Russ Winter ( the impresario of one of the internet’s best news and analysis sites; Frederick C Blackburn aka Blackbird9 ( host of the phenomenal weekly broadcast Blackbird9’s Breakfast club on Speak Free Radio Wednesdays 8-10pm Eastern; Dennis Cimino heroic 9/11 whistleblower and Joe Olson retired civil engineer (Faux Science Slayer) and expert at what really happened on September 11, 2001 when Israel treacherously attacked the United States.