Live Show Via Rumble! The Sane Asylum #71

TheSane Asylum #71 – 17 November 2021 – Guests: Glenn Streeter + Ken Swartz

Holy High-Tech Healing Batman! Glenn Streeter, founder of and Ken Swartz aka “Ken the Scientist” founder of C60 Purple Power enter the Sane Asylum. If this works, you can watch live shows at Giuseppe’s website!


  1. chuck stillman says:

    c60 sounds good, judt ordered an 8 oz in avacado oil. 71 yrs old heart stents , been on BP meds for 40 yrs. I’m starting to slow down now and hope this will bring back to at least age 60, LOL time will teal I guess

    1. Giuseppe Vafanculo says:

      Hope it helps you Mr Stillman! Please reply back once you’ve tried the purple power and report your experiences.

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