The Perfect Triangle #119 – 04 November 2022 – Guests: Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson Hour 1; Ayo Kimathi Hour 2.

Hour 1: Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson ( an expert on actual Russian events, joins the show to shine the light of truth on the myriad global lies about Vladimir Putim and Jewkraine. We will also discuss Dr Johnson’s new book: “The Ontology of Death: Patristic Philosophy against Nominalism.” Hour 2: Ayo Kimathi, author of,…

The Sane Asylum #48 – 24 September 2022 – Guest Mallificus Scott

Mallificus Scott, the courageous grandson of the legendary J Creagh Scott (author of Hidden Government) joins the show for Part 6 of our word-by-word deep dive into the seminal tome. Bottom of the hour tune breaks featured “One Two” by Mallificus Scott, “The Hunger” by compulsives, and “Hot Razors” by Crack the Sky.