The Sane Asylum #49 – 25 September 2022 – Clips and Calls.

Giuseppe plays a series of clips revealing how the minions of Satan, the sabbatean frankist talmudic jews, are a cancer that eats away at all first-world nations through child abuse, child torture, child rape along with championing the deviance of homosexuality and the mental illness of transgender. Caller chimed in for the final 30 minutes…

The Sane Asylum #48 – 24 September 2022 – Guest Mallificus Scott

Mallificus Scott, the courageous grandson of the legendary J Creagh Scott (author of Hidden Government) joins the show for Part 6 of our word-by-word deep dive into the seminal tome. Bottom of the hour tune breaks featured “One Two” by Mallificus Scott, “The Hunger” by compulsives, and “Hot Razors” by Crack the Sky.

The Sane Asylum #45 – 17 September 2022 – Guest: Basil Valentine

Sane Asylum #45: Basil Valentine (Basil’s View from the Coast) joins the show to do a deep dive into The Queen’s recent passing and her remarkable 70 year reign over the British Crown. What lies in store for King Charles III especially with his unhealthily swollen sausage fingers?!?

The Perfect Triangle #112 – 16 September 2022 – Guest: Joachim Hagopian

The Perfect Triangle #112: Joachim Hagopian returns to discuss the recent death of the Queen after 70 years on the British Throne. Joachim hypothesizes that the Queen’s death ends a 1,200 year run of parasitic rule. Joachim also explain the possibility of Armenia being the spark the lights the fire of World War III.

The Sane Asylum #44 – 15 September 2022 – Guest: Glenn Streeter

Sane Asylum #44: first-time guest Glenn Streeter (, a pioneer in futuristic energy healing joins Giuseppe to discuss far more effective ways to heal the body than the toxic scientism of murderous Big Pharma. Tonight begins a monthly show called “Lawn Chairs on the Moon.”

The Perfect Triangle #111 – 09 September 2022 – Guests: Jim Fetzer and Joe Olson

Giuseppe continues 9/11 remembrance week with two heavy hitters who have figured out exactly how Israel attack the United States on September, 11, 2001. “America Nuked on 9/11.” The legendary Dean of Conspiracy Research Dr Jim Fetzer ( and brilliant retired engineer Joe Olson (fauxscienceslayer) reveal in shocking detail exactly how Israel attack the USA…

The Sane Asylum #39 – 03 September 2022 – Guest: Dave Gahary

The new Saturday Sane Asylum. Dave Gahary comes on to discuss the new direction for Speak Free Radio and the changing of the guard. Callers joined in to share their feelings about Scorpio’s departure, and Mike Gaddy’s dysfunctional, lying attacks on Speak Free Radio and its personnel.