Based Biden Goes Hard Right in Desperate Re-Election Strategy

As all sane individuals know: The Living Gloryhole, pedophile, and parasitic criminal Joe Biden was illegally installed into the presidency by the Synangogue of Satan in 2020. Upon examining the polls are realizing Biden trails Trump by 40 points and DeSantis by 30, Biden is not even waiting for after the primaries to go hardcore…

The Perfect Triangle #112 – 16 September 2022 – Guest: Joachim Hagopian

The Perfect Triangle #112: Joachim Hagopian returns to discuss the recent death of the Queen after 70 years on the British Throne. Joachim hypothesizes that the Queen’s death ends a 1,200 year run of parasitic rule. Joachim also explain the possibility of Armenia being the spark the lights the fire of World War III.