The Sane Asylum #95 – 22 January 2023 – Co-Host: John Friend

The brilliant American Free Press investigative journalist John Friend ( joins Giuseppe as co-host for the January 22nd, 2023 95th episode of The Sane Asylum worldwide simulcast on and Talking points included Kiersten Hening victory settlement against Virginia Tech over not taking a knee for BLM; White hater and borderline retard TX Dem…

The Perfect Triangle #128 – 20 January 2023 – Guest: Ayo Kimathi

Author Ayo Kimathi ( returns for his monthly discussion addressing the malignant jewish parasite problem we all face. Ayo advocates for a joining together of White and Black Men to rid this country of the satanic control by the International Jew. Ayo is available to give talks at churches, meetings any forum to wake up…

The Sane Asylum #94 – 19 January 2023 – Guest: Robert Phoenix

The brilliant Jungian Astromythicist Robert Phoenix ( & returns for his regular monthly appearance to address the latest clown world madness of war on the white liberal boomer devils, and other inversions and delusions.

The Sane Asylum #93 – 18 January 2023 – Guest: Russ Winter

Russ Winter, the astute impresario of, returns for his monthly discussion with Giuseppe. Deep dive into the shocking epidemic of Black-on-White vicious, sucker-punching violence. Soros is succeeding in turning the USA into a violent 3rd-world shithole.