The Perfect Triangle #111 – 09 September 2022 – Guests: Jim Fetzer and Joe Olson

Giuseppe continues 9/11 remembrance week with two heavy hitters who have figured out exactly how Israel attack the United States on September, 11, 2001. “America Nuked on 9/11.” The legendary Dean of Conspiracy Research Dr Jim Fetzer ( and brilliant retired engineer Joe Olson (fauxscienceslayer) reveal in shocking detail exactly how Israel attack the USA…

The Sane Asylum #39 – 03 September 2022 – Guest: Dave Gahary

The new Saturday Sane Asylum. Dave Gahary comes on to discuss the new direction for Speak Free Radio and the changing of the guard. Callers joined in to share their feelings about Scorpio’s departure, and Mike Gaddy’s dysfunctional, lying attacks on Speak Free Radio and its personnel.