Based Monday with White Nationalist Co-Hosts Paul from California and Davis Lurmann. By Whites, for Whites… Hail Victory! Fish swim, birds fly… jews lie. G, PfC and DL explore the shocking levels of Black-on-White violence, Traitorous Cuck Trump exposed, & continued growth of mainstream Talmudic Satanism. Every. Single. Time.

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  1. 1

    G-man rocks! Your visual memes are totally awesome- keep it up. NNP Paul is nothing more than a narcissist idiot! All he talks about is himself, me, me, my, my, I, I, on and on. He can’t even make a statement without prefacing it with a “I said, I say, I think the way I think when I,I,I…..
    Fuck dude get over yourself faggot bitch!

  2. 2

    I Believe that BOB,s comment is simply projection,
    Calling names is not only infantile,
    But a sure sign of ignorance!
    ROCK ON G MAN!!!

  3. 3

    So Chris, I can’t use foul language on Paul the narcissist! He can’t even make a statement without saying so I says to the guy, I say …..”. Or ” one of the things I always say is…” Just fucking say it don’t preface it with childlike verbage! He eats on a podcast-Dude he’s a low class flamethrower that probably has not planned financially for the future. We call you guys dead-enders because the only thing left in their wasted lives are to create an atmosphere of violence to solve problems. Not much better than the racist niggers he hates=same hatred! G-man and Davis Lurman must cringe half the time he starts speaking on some BS anecdotal story of his!!

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