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    Mary Perry

    GMan…what’s your email address? Just wanted to put some thoughts out there. I’m not a fan of GAB anymore because of AI…
    I’m going to watch the 31st of May, GMan show on Monday…can’t wait! Freaking Unreal
    what’s going down now in what was called “America “ at one point in time!

  2. 2

    The Davis Lurmann “fake” attack on Paul from (wherever he can get internet-LOSER), was accurate and actually NOT funny! The truth is everything Davis said was correct- Paul is a self absorbed narcissist with no real thought of anyone other than himself. He always bores us with his reminiscing about HIS ordeals or HIS situation or HIS ideas or HIS low life loser embellished stories! Then Lurmann laughs and carries on about how pulled some childish prank on his evening show. IT WAS TRUTH- PAUL SUCKS

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