No Based Monday today. Instead SFR found and Owner Dave Gahary joins G to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of! Happy Birthday Speak Free! We will spend 2 hours taking your calls and welcoming hosts to stop by and celebrate the 2nd anniversary of SFR! Of the 6 million holocaust survivors who called in, especially vital were Michael, Brian, Meg, Jewywise, Liz, Davis Lurmann, Zach Logos Revealed, Presidential Candidate Paul from California and more.

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    oh sonofabitch Paul had to fucking talk about himself again!!! He could be “okay” if he would stop his narcissistic self aggrandizement with all his worldly knowledge, yet the earth is flat! SOMEONE FUCKING JUST SIMPLY ASK THIS DUMB FUCKER “IS THE EARTH FLAT AND HAS A DOME OVER IT?” PLEASE

  2. 3

    Paul completely ruined your show, train wrecked it with his embellished IRS stupid story! Okay Paul shows his true colors! A loner loser with fucked up financial advice! Jen cut him off already, talk over him!! Then when Davis tries to politely use some common sense, Paul melts down and doubles down on tough guy talk. Something about fighting, his way of life, you know more BS tough guy talk that the loser guy at the bar talks about!! G-Man fucking say something?

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