DG Call-In Show

The D + G Call-In Show #010 – 13JUNE24 – CoHosts: Dave Gahary + Giuseppe Vafanculo 

Another episode of the call-In show so many listeners wanted! Dave Gahary, Giuseppe Vafanculo and you! FTJ! Fuck the Jew! Great roster of callers! Join [Read More…]

The Sane Asylum

The Sane Asylum #221 – 01 April 2024 – CoHost: Dave Gahary; Guest: YOU

No Based Monday today. Instead SFR found and Owner Dave Gahary joins G to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Speakfreeradio.com! Happy Birthday Speak Free! We [Read More…]

The Sane Asylum

The Sane Asylum #219 Based Monday – 25MAR24 – CoHost: Paul CA + Davis Lurmann; Guest: @OMGitsFLOOD 

Based Monday with White Nationalist Co-Hosts Paul from California and Davis Lurmann. By Whites, for Whites… Hail Victory! Brilliant show host and Deep Fake Artist [Read More…]

The Perfect Triangle

The Perfect Triangle #169 – 03NOV23 – Dave Gahary, Flood, White is Right, Nick NNR + SPY_HUNTER!

White Nationalist Roundtable! There is a new breed of based & talented courageous young white Nationalists. G & Dave Gahary get the latest on the [Read More…]

The Sane Asylum

The Sane Asylum #187 – 29 October 2023 – CoHost Northern Nevada Paul – Guests: Handsome Truth + Dave Gahary

The Fairness Doctrine reborn! Last week Harry Vox made some extraordinary claims about Handsome Truth. Tonight Jon Minadeo (goyimtv.com) gets his chance to respond. Dave [Read More…]