Based Monday with White Nationalist Co-Hosts Paul from California and Davis Lurmann. By Whites, for Whites… Hail Victory! The legendary Tim Murdock @eurorabbit of makes his premiere appearance! The brilliant creator of Anti-Racist Hitler and so many other amazing pieces! Fish swim, birds fly… jews lie. No doubt, the Holohoax is kike perfidy! Every. Single. Time. Go Iran!

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    A. Deiulio

    Hinton Rowan Helper’s book is basically a collection of quotes and brief passages illustrating some genuine African culture. In it you’ll read about the tribal leaders who tossed ripped-out infants around on skewers after battle, prior to eating them. I think it’s totally understandable why some white folks don’t want to revert to that kind of culture just because the Obama phone plan ran out.

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