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    Adam Deiulio

    The synagogue of satan more easily compromises the sensitive minds of our females and minorities and our mixed race people. Making them a little easier control using funny jewish tricks. For example our females are quick to identify with any victim-related ideology, no matter how bad, making them easily manipulated. And just look at the sheer volume of females tricked into supporting the war in Ukraine. Everywhere the jew wants to gain influence, watch their efforts to seduce the females with victimization and import other, easier to control people.

  2. 2

    (I didn’t write this, somebody else did, I’m just posting it here:)
    Women are known as the destroyers of civilization.
    They say that’s why voting was restricted,
    Just a few years after you empower your women,
    All prior inhibitions will have lifted.
    Then your country will be ripe for the plucking
    Almost anyone can move in and take over.
    No one will know the difference anymore,
    As your gaslighting women provide cover.
    To lease one of these beauties just play the right music,
    With your genitalia, so they’ll elect you president,
    Quickly young women will send you every dollar on the planet,
    And you can use all that to pay your woman’s rent.
    Some say females beyond our own borders
    Are smarter, and understand all of this,
    Since we declared war against every one of those bitches,
    I’ve started to sense something amiss.

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